About me

At the end of 2010 I started an internship for Peter Tetteroo. The company was called Tetteroo Media, it was ran out of an old motorcycle shop. Among the tires, oil drums and other racing parts, there were also cans of film, betacam (or was it Betamax?) Tapes and even a complete Media Composer editing suite. This turned out to be my breeding ground.

I had done some small editing before and worked for a local broadcaster in my student days. Just making sure the camera is pointing in the right direction...wasn't more than that.

But here I ended up in the old KRO Brandpunt school, the Westland wing. Peter was once an intern with reporter Willibrord Frequin: don't talk, just film. Go out and make television! Soon, I traveled all over the country to assist. With cameraman Gijs Konings in his Chevrolet; filming greenhouses, staying awake all night to catch that sunrise. Head out to Berlin, because something is happening there... Get back soon, because we have to edit the footage!

Eventually I stayed in the breeding pond for another 6 years. From assistant to self-directing camera journalist. Because sometimes you have to do it alone. Like that time I went to Peru: "Go to Peru and make a movie. Make sure it is beautiful". Well, a bit nervous on the plane. But repetition is a good teacher. Filming is doing.

Nowadays I am self employed, with great customers with whom I make great stories. Lots of sports, human interest and history. Will you join us?

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