Making films is teamwork. I like to work with:

Peter Tetteroo: was reporter at KRO Brandpunt, specializing in wartime reporting. Later founded Tetteroo Media, my breeding ground.

Gijs Konings: cameraman from Hilversum. A unique human being with a unique outlook. He tought me how to film.

Bernard Krikke: documentary filmmaker, worked for Zembla and Reporter. Now owner and founder of Dutch Angle.TV

Ariënne Dozeman is a director with amazing endurance. Asks the right questions at the right times.

Paris Hidden: my buddy from our breeding grounds. Currently works as an Army cameraman and is a great photographer.

Leo Kerkhoff is a studio director for gameshows. Also runs Steenmannetje, a film production company specialized in heritage.

Gaëlle Blok is a documentary filmmaker working for MAX and KRO.

Mfilms is ran by Françoise Mittertreiner providing workshops and courses.

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